Almost 50 years ago, master confectioner and chocolate maker Luís Morera decided to start a small family business. As time went by, it continued to grow thanks to all of our customers, many of whom are now friends.

The Pasteler√≠a Sant Jordi confectionery has tirelessly worked to live up to the ideals of those who believe in our way of doing things ever since, making each product with personal care for each occasion and for each customer.
As a result entire generations of the same family continue to place their trust in our products for their most special celebrations.

The Pastelería Sant Jordi only sells home made products, and they are chocolate craftsmen.
This is a specialty in which Llu√≠s Morera has always set the standard, instructing other master chocolate makers in our country and counseling numerous businesses in the sector.

Owing to the use of the finest ingredients as well as the passion and dedication of their entire expert staff, the Pasteler√≠a Sant Jordi has become a landmark in the city that witnessed its birth. It is a place where one can continue to enjoy the finest flavor of traditional confectionery craftsmanship.








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