Lluis Morera


Luis Morera is a renowned confectioner.

He is a member of La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international gastronomic society.

A native Catalan born in Barcelona, he quit his first job in the bank and started working invarious confectioneries in the city.

He settled in Terrassa , where he founded the Pastelería Sant Jordi confectionery.
Versatile and creative, he is always up to date with the latest. He is a natural born innovator.

He is a master confectioner with many of his own creations. He has the ability to invent fantastic combinations of flavors that will delight all of your senses.
He was an instructor at the Chocovic school, alongside professionals like Ferran Adrià andEnric Rovira.

He was a technical demonstrator for Chocovic S.A. for 15 years, putting on more than 100 shows throughout Spain as well as foreign cities such as Verona, London, Athens, Cologne, París, etc…

He was the mentor to some of our nation’s most prestigious confectioners and chocolate makers.
He worked in the R&D divisions of respected international firms like Chocolates Valor andother businesses associated with the world of chocolate and confections.

He participated in the creation and design of chocolates for large multinational corporations in the chocolate sector,where he also held various demonstrations on the applications of chocolate in the confectionery industry and the melding of chocolate with art.
He holds the Guinness Record for making the largest chocolate heart in the world for Match.com in 2004. It weighed 7 tons (7,000 kg of chocolate).

Nowadays he combines his work in the confectionery with the provision of consultation services to various companies in the sector and hosting specialist conferences for certain large stores in Spain.

His enduring interest for sharing the world of confections, and more precisely chocolate, hasled to numerous media appearances.
Ultimately, he has converted his passion for chocolate into his own unique world through which he expresses the sensations of his life.







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